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Summer Term 2 - Beachcombers/Land Ahoy!

Would you like to live by the seaside?


In the 'Beachcombers' and 'Land Ahoy!' projects, we will explore some of the amazing wildlife in the waters around the United Kingdom and across the globe. The project will teach us about the living and non-living things, habitats, food chains, basic needs of animals and working scientifically. We will also learn about our role in caring for the environment around us. We will have the opportunity to create boats to explore the phenomenon of sinking and floating. We will create interesting narratives about the seaside as well as writing recounts about our memorable experiences during the project.

08/07/2021 - Pirate Dress Up Day WOW Event


Today, Year 1 and 2 took part in some pirate themed activities to celebrate reaching the end of their Beachcombers and Land Ahoy projects. They found out about pirates from history, played cannonball dodgeball, made pirate hooks as well as listening to pirate stories and taking part in a treasure hunt! A great day and lots of smiles and fun!

07/07/2021 - Computing with Mr Carlton


This morning, Year 2 were very lucky and had the chance to work with the WeDo Lego software to create, program and debug a Lego model.

06/07/2021 - Art and Design


This afternoon, Year 2 used fabric pens to create a design on a piece of material in preparation for their Pirate Day on Thursday. They had to create a pirate themed bandana after looking at examples and practising on pieces of paper.

01/07/2021 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 2 created some finger puppet seagulls. They used felt, staples and glue to join their creation together and proudly showed them off when completed!

01/07/2021 - English


This morning, the children were able to proudly show off their narratives, which they have been creating over the last two weeks. They started by reading pre-existing stories about the seaside, then moved onto planning their own narrative before writing their own; self and peer assessing along the journey too. They read their narratives to their peers today and shared some constructive feedback with each other.

29/06/2021 - Computing


This afternoon, Year 2 looked at sea birds using the internet. They also compared sea birds to birds which do not live along the coast and then created posters to display what they had found out.

29/06/2021 - Science


This afternoon, Year 2 looked at which feathers were waterproof and which were not. They discussed what waterproof meant, predicted how they would be able to identify a waterproof feather and then tested them before organising them into groups based on this feature.

28/06/2021 - PSHE


The children have been continuing their work on feelings and emotions and this afternoon they looked at the feelings human's experience for changes and loss. They were given different scenarios to read through and then had to describe the feelings that the person could have been feeling.

28/06/2021 - R.E


This term, the children have been studying Navratri from the Hindu religion. This afternoon, they looked at Puja sets and created their own based on some of the example ones they had seen.

24/06/2021 - Science


This afternoon, Year 2 were posing questions about what they wanted to find out about hermit crabs, including: what they eat; why they are called hermit crabs and how long they live for. Then they used the internet on the IPads safely to research the answers to the questions they have generated.

21/06/2021 - PSHE


Year 2 continued working through their unit of feelings and how these can be managed when experienced by people. This afternoon, they learnt about big feelings and discovered that every feeling can become a big feeling if nothing is done to help with it. They then discussed ways of helping people to deal with negative feelings to stop them becoming too big to manage.

17/06/2021 - Art and Design


This afternoon, Year 2 used clay modelling skills and tools to create some sea creature models as part of their Beachcombers project.

15/06/2021 - Science


This afternoon in Science, there was a buzz of discussion and enthusiasm amongst the children as they explored micro habitats in rockpools. They started by watching videos, which talked about the animals found in rockpools and what kind of environment they were. Next, they sorted animals into groups of those found in rockpools and those found in ponds. After, they worked in groups to write descriptions and comparisons as to why certain animals could survive in rockpools and others would not be able to.  

14/06/2021 - English


This morning, Year 2 looked back at some pictures from their memorable experience trip to the beach. They used time adverbs, the first person and included their opinions to create a draft recount of their trip.

10/06/2021 - Memorable Experience - Beach Trip


Today, Year 2 were very lucky to go on a trip to the seaside! They visited Skegness and started by completing some activities, which included: walking to the pier and spotting physical and human features; visiting the RNLI station as well as litter picking and sorting shells and rocks into different groups. After lunch, they played in the sand, paddled in the sea and enjoyed an ice lolly!

09/06/2021 - SPORTS DAY!


Not the usual approach to Sports Day this year, but still a super day of competition for the children in Year 1 and Year 2. They all took part in the every field event as well as working as a team in track events to earn as many points as possible for their house.

08/06/2021 - Science and Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 2 experimented with different materials to see which ones would float and which ones would sink. They then used this knowledge to create a floating object from a material which they knew had floated. They also had to consider the shape of the object to determine whether it could hold any more mass and still float.

07/06/2021 - PSHE


This term, the children will be looking at feelings and identifying what these feelings can cause our body to look like as well as what we can do to support ourselves when we feel different emotions. Today, they named as many different feelings as they could and then had to show what this would look like.