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Summer Term 1: Playlist



Welcome to Summer Term 1 and our Playlist project. This term we will be learning all about the different musical terminology, songs from other countries, how sound travels, how the human ear works as well as of course, listening to and making music! Our question for this term is 'Would you rather be able to listen to music or play it?' Keep checking this page for our learning and to find out what we think to our big question at the end of the project!


Please find the important information below for our Playlist project. Please encourage your child to become familiar with the knowledge organiser, they also have one stuck into their homework book.

Project Homework

Look at our amazing home learning for our Playlist project!


Junk Modelling 

We had a wonderful time in the sunshine creating our own junk model musical instruments. We started by discussing how sounds are made in musical instruments and the different types of instruments we would be able to create with our resources. We thought about quality of sound and how we could make our instruments not only look good, but sound good too.


After our discussion, we worked in groups to design our instruments and then we used various cutting and joining techniques to make them. Afterwards, we discussed how adding different fillings to a shaker can affect the sound and how using different widths of elastic bands can make different notes. 


Rhythm and Steel 

Today, we were visited by the brilliant Charlotte, Bev and Grahame from Rhythm and Steel in Alford. They came to demonstrate the steel pans for us and we learned all about how the sound is made and the different types of pans. They also showed us and played other instruments such as the cornet, bass ukulele, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.


They played us a variety of styles of music; from reggae and calypso to rock and pop and we talked about the rhythms, melodies and harmonies in the pieces. The children got involved too, clapping rhythms, chanting and some even got to play the pans and percussion instruments.

We Will Rock You

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Steel Pans

We were so lucky to all get a turn using the steel pan and we're so interested about the different pitch and volume you could make.


Today we got involved in the whole school TT Rockstars Day. We loved dressing up and we really enjoyed the times tables competition. It's so good to really focus on our tables and TT Rockstars is a brilliant tool for practising them which really engages the children. Make sure you keep practising at home, everyone!

This afternoon, Year 3 were so lucky to play the Cello that Mrs Jeffery brought in. They have learnt about the bow, parts of the cello and the strings in guided reading this week too. They've also discussed the difference between the strings and the sound they make. Musicians in the making!

Talent Show


As one of our WOW the children were given the opportunity to participate in a musical talent show. They took great pride in their performance and performed with confidence. Well done! 

As our WOW day, we celebrated our learning from the past half term. We practised a new song on the Boomwhackers, took part in a music appreciation activity, took part in a Playlist quiz, created a playlist of our favourite songs and got to listen to our playlist in the disco dome! A day full of excitement!