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Summer Term 1 - Coastline

Would you like to live beside the seaside?

In the Coastline project, we will explore some of the amazing features of coasts around the United Kingdom. The project will teach us about the physical and human features of coastal regions across the United Kingdom. We will also be completing a detailed exploration of the coastal town of Whitby, in Yorkshire. We will compare Whitby as it is now and what it was like in the past. We will also look closely at Captain James Cook as well as Saltwick Nab during this project. There is also a companion project called ‘Beach Hut’ which will give us the chance to do investigate beach huts, design them and build our own small-scale models.

28/05/2021 - Design and Technology


Have a look at Year 2's Beach Huts! They have had a very busy week: using saws to cut pieces of wood to make box frames; measuring card to fit the sides of their boxes and using different strengthening techniques to create rooves for their huts. A superb effort from all of the children with the end results looking fantastic.

26/05/2021 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 2 took the first step in making their own Beach Huts. They used wood and card to make box frames to make a strong structure which they will add more onto tomorrow to finish their beach hut prototypes.

25/05/2021 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 2 learnt to use a hacksaw to cut wood into small strips, use card to create joints and make a simple box frame as part of their companion project ‘Beach Hut’. 

25/05/2021 - Design and Technology


This morning, Year 2 worked on their strengthening, scoring and joining techniques in design and technology as part of their Beach Hut companion project.

18/05/2021 - Project Knowledge Lesson


This afternoon, Year 2 used their learning from the term as well as their knowledge organisers to work through tasks which required them to recap on the work they had completed throughout the term.

17/05/2021 - PSHE


This term, Year 2 have been concentrating on how to keep themselves healthy and today's lesson was all about good hygiene. The children learnt about the different ways to promote good hygiene for example: hand washing, cleaning their teeth and washing their clothes regularly. The children then played a board game to match the good hygiene action to their board.  

17/05/2021 - R.E


In R.E this term, Year 2 have been studying the Sikh religion and in particular focussing on weddings and comparing a Sikh wedding to weddings in other faiths. This afternoon, the children had to build a structure using the Lego and other construction materials with a peer. They had to comment on how working together made the task easier and also the challenges which arose when completing the task.

13/05/2021 - English


This week, Year 2 have been collaborating in groups to create video reports about the coastal town of Whitby. They had to create a script of what to say, record their sections in pairs and then add sound effects and theme music to their overall video. Click on the link below to see what was created...

12/05/2021 - P.E


In P.E, Year 2 were working on some field events in athletics! They had to balance, throw and jump in numerous activities with Mr Shaw.

12/05/2021 - Computing


This morning, Year 2 worked with Mr Carlton to create some Lego models by following instructions and then they used the iPads to program them to move in different directions.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

11/05/2021 - English


Today, Year 2 continued to work in their groups to create their reports about Whitby to convince people to visit the town for their holidays! They used the iPads to record their individual sections to create a video, which they will edit tomorrow and then present to the class at the end of the week.  

10/05/2021 - English


This morning, Year 2 worked in groups to choose and describe tourist attractions from Whitby in preparation for their reports they are going to create this week.  

06/05/2021 - Art and Design


This afternoon, Year 2 created some art pieces using chalk, crayons and felt tips. They looked at some example artwork before selecting the necessary resources to complete their own wave art piece.  

29/04/2021 - Geography


This afternoon, Year 2 studied the physical process of erosion. They created a sea wall made of sand and then used water to replicate waves crashing against a shoreline and observed the effect the water had on the sand. They then created a sea wall from stones and repeated the activity to observe the difference in which material eroded quickest.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

27/04/2021 - Geography


This afternoon, Year 2 built up their map skills knowledge by looking at directions using North, East, South and West on a compass. They then had to identify the direction you would travel between different coastal towns and cities around the United Kingdom. Then, the children had to identify physical and human features on a map of Whitby using the key provided.

26/04/2021 - PSHE


This afternoon in PSHE, Year 2 looked at what foods can help them to stay healthy. They discussed what food groups there are and went into detail about the 5-a-day fruit and veg initiative. Then, they sorted some different food items onto plates to explain which ones they should have lots of in their diet and which ones they should not.

20/04/2021 - Launch Event


Year 2 had a busy morning learning about the features of the coast in support of their new project of 'Coastline'. They had to listen to a video all about the coast and then sort features into two groups: physical and human. They also had the opportunity to use their measuring skills as they created an ecosystem for Brine Shrimp to have in the classroom.