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Summer Term 1 & 2- Commotion in the Ocean!


How Should We Treat Animals?


How Should We Treat Animals? is the question that we will answer through this project over the next couple of terms.

We will start the Summer term by learning about all different kinds of sea creatures, how they look and where they live. We will move onto talking about imaginary sea creatures which the children will design in school and write a description of them as part of their writing activities.  

We will also talk about safety near water, the uses of water linked to healthy lifestyles and talk about floating and sinking through experiments with water.

As we move into Summer term 2 we will be learning about how to look after the oceans and environment so as to keep animals and our planet safe.

19th April 2021- This week we used out ICT, reading, listening and communication skills to find out about and share facts about sea creatures. We shared what we found out with the class ready to make our fact files.

27th April 2021- Rock Stars Problem Solving Day- Rainbow Fish needed to share his scales in as many different ways as possible. We worked to find as many ways as possible to share the six scales and recorded our work in a way that made sense to us. Then we explained it to a friend and the adults to show our understanding.

6th May 2021- This week, Reception have been using their phonics skills and writing skills to make their mini fact files on their chosen sea creatures. We used the mind maps that we made a couple of weeks ago to create sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

10th May 2021- Look what Mrs Bremner found in her unifix cubes this morning! A grass snake! We waited for it to come out and then carefully looked at it, thought about what we might call it, discussed what it might eat, where it might live and how we should look after it until it was released at the end of the day.

24th May 2021- This week we have been using our investigative skills to predict what would happen when we added an egg to a jug of water and then added salt to it. We made some great predictions but no-one thought that the egg would end up floating! The salt made the water denser so the egg floated to the top of the water! As one of the children said, “Science Is Cool!”.

7th June- Sports Morning was so much fun in the sun! Such sportsmanship and teamwork along with great turn-taking skills and gross motor skills! Well done Reception!

10th June- Barmpot Theatre did a fantastic production with Nature Elly, teaching us about Harvest and wildlife whilst solving the mystery of who ate the crops! We really enjoyed this and learnt so much too!

11th June- Reception are using their knowledge of sea creatures to create their own imaginary sea creatures. They used drawing and expressive art skills to draw their creatures and used their communication skills to give reasoning behind their choices.

The Reception children were so engaged with their Memorable Experience.

We were extremely lucky to be able to have Travis, from the Eco centre, to come and visit us at school to teach us to build bug houses and composters, hunt for insects and investigate them, and even have a campfire to toast marshmallows. The children learnt about different types of insects and the importance of protecting them. They explored the environment to compare natural and man-made materials to find out which ones the insects would like best for the bug houses. The children showed great team work to be able to move the sticks and logs and learnt about safety around fire. We finished the morning with a picnic on our field.  The reception children are ECO WARRIORS!