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Summer term 1 & 2: Commotion in the ocean

Commotion in the Ocean:

How should we treat animals?

How Should We Treat Animals? is the question that we will answer through this project over the next couple of terms.

We will start the Summer term by learning about all different kinds of sea creatures, how they look and where they live. We will move onto talking about imaginary sea creatures which the children will design in school and write a description of them as part of their writing activities.  

We will also talk about safety near water, the uses of water linked to healthy lifestyles and talk about floating and sinking through experiments with water.

As we move into Summer term 2 we will be learning about how to look after the oceans and environment so as to keep animals and our planet safe.

Sea creature fact files

The children used books and the internet to research some facts about their chose sea creature. They then used their phonics knowledge to write sentences about these facts to create a fact file. 


The Reception children took care of some tadpoles to watch them develop. The children learnt about the life cycle of a frog and also the skill to take care of a creature. We then released them into the school pond. We are now doing weekly checks to see if there are any frogs hopping around our Jubilee garden. 

As part of the Wildlife Trust's campaign, we are joining in with their 30 days of wild throughout June. The children have been completing the 'random acts of wildness' each day, even during weekends and school holidays. 

The children showed some fantastic teamwork and resilience during their field and track events during their sports day. They really showed off their physical skills and were supportive of their team. In addition to all of this...the children had great fun!

Barmpot theatre did a fantastic production with Nature Elly, teaching us about Harvest and wildlife whilst solving the mystery of who ate the crops! We really enjoyed this and learnt so much too. 

Designing an imaginary sea creature

The Reception children used their knowledge of sea creatures to be able to design their own imaginary sea creatures. They gave reasons why they had chosen the parts of sea creatures that they had. They then used their phonics knowledge to be able to write a description to support their drawings. 

The Reception children were so engaged with their WOW event. We were extremely lucky to be able to have Travis, from the Eco centre, to come and visit us at school to teach us to build bug houses and composters, hunt for insects and investigate them, and even have a campfire to toast marshmallows. The children showed great team work to be able to move the sticks and logs and learnt about safety around fire. The children also learnt about different types of insects and The importance of protecting them. They explored the environment to compare natural and man-made materials to find out which ones the insects would like best for the bug houses. We finished the morning with a picnic on our field. 

The reception children are ECO WARRIORS!