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Spring Term 2 - School Days

30/03/2021 - Victorian Day


Year 2 had the opportunity to wear their costumes in school today and take part in some activities from a Victorian school such as: handwriting; times table chanting and drill exercises on the playground.

29/03/2021 - English


Following the creation of their Street View mural artwork on Friday, Year 2 spent some time giving feedback to their peers about the work created. They offered positive comments as well as some constructive feedback to help improve their peers work for next time.

25/03/2021 - Art and Design


This afternoon, Year 2 used a layering technique in art to create a 3D art piece, which used cardboard to make certain features stand out and add depth to the creation. This was inspired by the work of artist, James Rizzi, who used this technique with some of his artwork.

22/03/2021 - Art and Design


This afternoon, to start their companion project of 'Street View'. Year 2 looked around the school and took pictures of the different buildings. They then used the iPads to draw around the different shapes and features they could see in the buildings. This skill will be used by the children throughout the week when they create their own 3D house designs.

22/03/2021 - PSHE


This afternoon, Year 2 had to consider who helpful people were. They had to think about what person they would need for when they were in different situations for example, a firefighter when there was a fire, a doctor when they were poorly etc.

Red Nose Day 2021 - Superheroes!!

18/03/2021 - Science


For British Science Week, Year 2 created some glitter jars by carefully measuring and using equipment to not spill any liquid. The children then also held a piece of chocolate in their hand to see if it melted - for some the temptation to eat it was too much!

10/03/2021 - Victorian Day


Not quite the day originally planned, but certainly did not let stop the children having a super time remotely! The children started the day singing the National Anthem, then had their fingernail inspection, took part in some drill exercises, did some handwriting and then either made a Victorian toy or a Union Jack flag for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee! Some children found it tricky in handwriting because they were only allowed to use their right hand! Some even had to stand in the corner if their work was not neat enough!

25/02/2021 - English


The children in Year 2 have been working hard this week on some list poems all about our school. Today, they published them using handwriting pens after drafting them yesterday to include topic words and verbs to describe what they do in areas of the school.

22/02/2021: PE with Mr Motivator


WOW! What a treat and what a good wake up for the children in school to have a remote PE lesson with Mr Motivator along with over 70 other schools and over 3000 pupils!