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Spring Term 2 - School Days

Thursday 25th March


This afternoon in Art the children learned a new skill, a layering technique using cardboard to create a 3D art piece inspired by James Rizzi. The children worked together to cut out colourful houses and layered them on cardboard to make certain features stand out and add depth to their creation.

Tuesday 23rd March 


This week in Art the children have been exploring the work of significant artist James Rizzi, the children studied his artwork and described how James Rizzi work is bright, colourful and imaginative.

This afternoon the children had a lovely Art afternoon using their Art knowledge and skills to complete 2 James Rizzi inspired pieces, the first was to create their very own 'A Great Place To Live' using pastel skills and then the children used their knowledge of the primary colours and how we can create all secondary colours by mixing the 3 primary colours together to paint a colour wheel.

Science week


This week was Science week and the children became mini scientists. The children developed new skills while participating in lots of exciting and innovating experiments. The children's favourite experiment was creating crunchy architect using chocolate and biscuits. The children used their Maths shape skills to create a stable structure and then explored how we can turn a liquid into a solid with chocolate to make cement to stick there architect together.

Victorian Day