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Spring Term 2: Potions



Welcome to our new project for Term 4, Potions.  In this project we will be looking at an array of Potions-themed learning, from Harry Potter to Shakespeare, from states of matter to the history of anaesthetic.  Join us on a magical journey of discovery...


Keep checking this page to see what we've been up to.

Naked Egg Experiment

For British Science Week, our whole class reading text was 'Incredible Edibles' by Stefan Gates.  We looked at the pages about the naked egg experiment, discussing and analysing the text.  We also did the experiment ourselves and learned about the chemical reaction that is caused when we leave an egg in vinegar for 48 hours.  It was great to link our reading text to a science experiment and we learned lots of fabulous scientific facts and vocabulary too.


Year 4 are so lucky to be having whole class Samba drumming lessons with Mr Egerton from Lincolnshire Music Service for the next term.  We really enjoyed our first session and are so looking forward to learning all about rhythm, , texture, dynamics, timbre and teamwork through this brilliant activity.

Viscosity Experiment

Today we did an experiment outside to test the viscosity of various liquids.  We made predictions and timed how long it took for golden syrup, washing up liquid, lemon juice, ketchup and cream to go down a tube.  We made sure that it was a fair test by using a clean tube each time, always starting the timer at the same time and putting all the tubes at the same angle.  

World Book Day

For World Book Day we had a fantastic online Alice in Wonderland dance workshop with West End in Schools.  We retold the story through dance and thought carefully about how our movements could show certain parts of the story.

Persuasive Adverts

In English, we have designed our own persuasive advert for a magic potion we have invented.  We looked closely at what persuasive language in adverts looks like and how we would persuade people to buy our potion.  Look at Cooper's - we all want to buy this one!