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Spring Term 1 & 2- Watch Me Grow into Super Me!

Super Me Home Learning Project

Superhero passports- we used our imagination to create a super-me and decide what powers we would have. Then we used our phonics knowledge to write a superhero passport for our super-me.

Superhero speech bubbles- we imagined what our superhero might say and used our phonics to help us to write speech bubbles.

Fruit tasting using mindfulness techniques- we used mindfulness techniques to really taste fruits we know and try new fruits. Then we used our communication skills to describe how they tasted and talked about healthy foods.

Super Smoothies - we followed instructions to make a super smoothie. We used our listening skills and cutting skills to make the smoothie and discussed how we need to have 5 fruits and vegetables each day to be super healthy.

Chinese New Year- we used our creative skills to make a Chinese lantern to celebrate Chinese New Year. We listened to the story of Chinese New Year and talked about how people around the world celebrate special occasions.

WHAT WILL I BECOME? - Spring Walk- We looked for signs of spring outdoors. We took a walk and used our observational skills to see what changes we could spot to show us that Spring was coming. We talked about changes and how things grow. Then we recorded what we saw using our writing skills.

Planting Sunflower seeds- we listened to and followed instructions to plant a sunflower seed. We discussed what plants need to grow and talked about the changes we might see.

British Science Week- We used our physical skills and turn taking to make flitter jars during British Science Week. Then we predicted what might happen when we added things to the bottle and what would happen when we shook it. Then we used our observation skills to see what actual happened.