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Scream Machine

Scream Machine


The fifth of our exciting projects is entitled Scream Machine: learning about the science behind roller coasters and other theme park rides. The children will test their knowledge of different forces and use equipment to show pendulums, pulleys and cam mechanisms under test conditions. The project will begin with a Memorable Experience 'Junk Model' session, where children will create their own theme park ride. Our Big Question for this term is: "Which is the most important force and why?"

Classroom display

Wow Event


Year 6 have had an enjoyable closing event for their current project: testing the effect of different forces on their body as they enjoyed theme park activities, creating their own loop the loop to demonstrate centripetal force and the engineering behind it, using design technology skills to cut, shape, join and create a Ferris Wheel.



Year 6 had a great day out at PGL, building their teamwork skills, communicating effectively with each other and facing their own personal challenges: taking part in Zipwire, Archery, Raft building and Problem Solving activities in a fun-filled day.