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Science at St James'

We have been learning all about Everyday Materials in Science, such as plastic, wood, metal and fabric.   This week we wanted to find out more about glass but as we couldn't bring lots of glass into class we went to St James' Church to find out about their stained glass.

We had a lovely walk into town, finding examples of different materials along the way.

In church we met Rev. Thornett and started on a materials hunt there. There were stone pillars and statues, metal railings and hooks, wooden pews and furniture.

Rev. Thornett then explained how the stained glass windows tell stories and talked us through the story of one of the beautiful Windows. In small groups, we then looked at more of the Windows to see what story we thought they might be telling.

We would like to say a big thank you to Rev. Thornett and St James', to Mrs Wylka and to Scarlett and Archie's mums for helping.