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Science club have been exploring magnets! We discovered what materials that were attracted to the magnets. We also made some amazing patterns using the magnets on enclosed iron fillings. We created a maze on a paper plate and directed a split pin around it using the magnet underneath the plate. The children were also fascinated in how the same sides of the magnets repelled each other!

Science club have been busy creating a chemical reaction by mixing an acid with an alkali. We made our predictions and then carried out the experiment by adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda. We spoke about how the reaction happened because the chemicals are so different.

Science club have been making cornflour gloop to explore the strange properties of this cross between a liquid and a solid. It was messy but fun!

Science club have been exploring the properties of a bubbles and so we spoke about the liquid and gases. The children created their own bubbles using soft wire and straws. They then discovered other objects that created amazing bubbles!

Science club took a walk down to the Natureland today to go on a bug hunt and look at the different kind if micrrohabitats. We have planned to go on another bug hunt in the spring to compare our findings.

The Science club had great fun carrying out the 'tea bag trouble' experiment. They had to put loose tea leaves in various materials to discover which one made the best tea bag. We recorded our findings just like the professional scientists we are!