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Road Trip USA

Dreamcatchers - 16/03/2020


This afternoon, we made Native American inspired dreamcatchers. 

These are placed near the bed and allow good dreams to flow though the gaps in the centre, but the bad dreams are caught, leaving you with only the good dreams.

Iroquois Tribe Research - 09/03/2020


The Iroquois Tribe (Err-Uh-Kwoy) are the Native American tribe originating in New York state. We discussed what life was like for Native Americans prior to the invasion and colonisation from the British; what they wore, the jobs they had, homes, warfare, recreation, customs etc.

Iroquois Tribe research - 09/03/2020

Physical Geographical Features - 06/03/2020


This afternoon, we began researching various physical geographical features found in the USA. Some of our favourites included: Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Mississippi River, Hudson River and the Everglades.

We produced information brochures with key facts.

Physical Geographical Features - 06/03/2020

Minnesota Hot Dish - 04/03/2020


Today, we looked at some of the most iconic American dishes including the Chicken Pot Pie, Louisiana Natchitoches pie and the Nebraskan handheld pie.

We made the Minnesota Hot Dish from beef mince, sweetcorn, peas, onions and hash browns. Every child took a turn in the cooking process and we tried it afterwards. DELICIOUS!



Minnesota hot dish - 04/03/2020

West End in Schools - 03/03/2020


Today, we were visited by Sarah who brought the West End in to our school! Using her experience of the West End, we were taught a dance to tell the story 'Where the Wild Things Are'. Some of us were the wild things, others trees, boats, furniture... we used our dance skills to show the story.


West End in Schools - 03/03/2020

Road Trip Postcards - 28/02/2020


This week we have been discussing some of the most famous landmarks in New York City, known often as 'The Big Apple'. When we have picked our favourite location - The Statue of Liberty - we discussed what we would like to do there, see or learn about. Then, we wrote a postcard from that location back to our families/friends back home to describe everything we saw!

Road Trip Postcards - 28/02/2020