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Road Trip USA!

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11/03/2020 - History


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at the Iroquois Native American tribe. They had to use their research skills and then present their findings as a poster to display the knowledge they had acquired.

10/03/2020 - British Science Fair


This morning, Year 3 took part in a Science Fair across Key Stage Two, where they the opportunity to take part in different activities, which looked at 'Our Diverse Planet'.


05/03/2020 - English


This week, Year 3 have been looking at emails. Today, they were given an itinerary for a visit around one of the states they were introduced to in the memorable experience and they had to write an email asking for more information about the expedition. They then spent some time peer assessing each other's work and identifying features they had included and ones that they needed to include.

03/03/2020 - West End in Schools Workshop


This afternoon, Year 3 were lucky to get a workshop in support of World Book Week. They worked in groups to create dances to represent the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

03/03/2020 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 3 created and tasted a Minnesota Hot Dish as they continue their journey through Road Trip USA! They had to select and use appropriate equipment and ingredients to create the dish native to America.

28/02/2020 - English


This morning, Year 3 created some postcards from their 'visit' to New York City! They had to talk about some of the places they had visited and add an image to show the location too.

26/02/2020 - Light Night Lanterns


Today, Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to make a lantern in preparation for the Spilsby Light Night!

25/02/2020 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 continued their exploration of the US and looked closely at the city of New York. They saw how vibrant Times Square was, so they used electrical circuits to create their own lights and even began to incorporate switches into their work.

24/02/2020 - PSHE


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at 'choices'. They had to think about the choices they should make to keep themselves healthy. After looking at some examples, they had to sort different habits that someone did into a healthy or unhealthy group.

24/02/2020 - Memorable Experience


Year 3 kickstarted their new project by collecting tickets for 14 different states in the USA. Once they collected them, they then had to plot them onto a map of the USA, so that they could see where their road trip would take them!