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Road Trip USA!

27/03/2018 - Healthy Lifestyle with JB Sports


Today in Year 3, the children reviewed all of the components of fitness that they have looked at this term, these included: Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power, Speed and Reaction Time.

26/03/2018 - English


Today in Year 3, the children shared the work they had been doing on Sacagawea with the rest of the class. They asked questions to each other to find out more information as well as responding to questions from Mr. Roberts.


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22/03/2018 - R.E


To finish the children's study of Buddhism, they looked at the teachings of The Buddha today and learnt that the most important message taught by The Buddha was that of kindness and love. The children answered from questions in groups about what kindness looked like? What kindness meant to them? They then created posters which displayed acts of kindness as well as how to make themselves a kind member of society.

20/03/2018 - Healthy Lifestyles with JB Sports


This week in JB Sports, the children looked at developing the following components of fitness; Power and Reaction Time. They took part in various activities to test and improve these two components.



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16/03/2018 - British Science Week Fair


This morning, Year 3 and 4 were joined by some of the parents to bring Science week to an end and take part in some activities linked to forces and magnets. Have a look at the pictures below to see what fun they got up to and also check the class page for Year 4 to see more!

13/03/2018 - JB Healthy Lifestyles


This week in the JB Sports session, Year 3 looked at two further components of fitness; Balance and Coordination. The children took part in lots of activities, which worked on these components and hopefully improve them!

13/03/2018 - English


Year 3 have kick - started British Science Week by looking at Women in Science and finding out some key information about them and their scientific discoveries!

12/03/2018 - Science


Year 3 had a buzzing afternoon looking at electricity in Science. They created circuits, which incorporated switches as well as many other electrical components. Additionally they began to recognise the component symbols used when drawing circuits and even drew some of their own!

09/03/2018 - English


This week, Year 3 researched one of the natural geographical landmarks in the US and then had to imagine that they had visited the site. They then created a diary entry; recounting their experience at the landmark, and discussing how they felt whilst there.  

08/03/2018 - R.E - Buddhism


This term, Year 3 are looking at Buddhism in R.E and looked at the story of the Birth of Buddha. They listened to various versions of the story before retelling their own version using the Ipads.

08/03/2018 - WORLD BOOK DAY!!


Year 3 looked super today in all of their World Book Day outfits! They also took part in a shared reading activity with the children in Reception.  Have a look at the class photo below as well as their selfies!

Shared Reading with Reception

06/03/2018 - Healthy Lifestyle with JB Sports


This week’s lesson saw the children looking at some of the different components of fitness. In today’s lesson, they focussed on speed and agility and participated in different activities, which improved these two aspects.

05/03/2018 - Geography


After a few days off, Year 3 came back into school ready to continue with their 'Road Trip USA!' project. This afternoon saw the children discussing the differences between physical and human landmarks in the US and then they moved onto finding more information out about one of the iconic physical landmarks such as: The Grand Canyon; Lake Superior and the Mississippi River. They used fact file sheets and the internet to find out as much information as they could about their chosen landmark.

27/02/2018 - P.E


Despite the snow and cold weather, Year 3 turned up the heat in the hall this afternoon by taking part in a tiring circuit. The circuit worked on many different skills such as: coordination; strength and agility. Look at the pictures below to see what they got up to...

27/02/2018 - Healthy Lifestyle with JB Sports


In this session, the children looked at the heart in more detail. They began the lesson by understanding the functions of the veins and arteries and how they are used to transport blood to and from the heart. They then found out how to check their pulse and looked at how it changed after different intensities of exercise.

27/02/2018 - English


This morning, Year 3 were given the task of writing questions. They started by reminding themselves of what punctuation was required in a question and also what different questions words they could use. They then had to work in groups to formulate questions that they would ask when booking a room in a hotel.

23/02/2018 - English


Today in Year 3, the children published their postcards from their visit to New York. They had to include some descriptions of places they had visited and places that they were going to visit on the rest of their trip to the 'Big Apple'. They worked really hard to use their neatest handwriting and they look fantastic on display.

22/02/2018 - Computing with Mr Carlton


This afternoon, the children in Year 3 had a fantastic opportunity in the form of an extra computing lesson with Mr Carlton. In this session the children worked in groups to create a PowerPoint presentation, which showed some of the tourist attractions from the city of New York!

22/02/2018 - English


This week in English lessons, Year 3 have been exploring the city that never sleeps. They have been on an imaginary visit to New York and immersed themselves into the top tourist attractions of the 'Big Apple'. The children were given the task of finding some of the top attractions and then had to create some descriptive sentences about these; using lots of key language features to give as much detail as possible.

20/02/2018 - Healthy Lifestyle with JB Sports


This morning, Year 3 were very lucky to have an extra P.E lesson delivered by JB Sports. However this lesson did not just involve practical activities, it also looked at the theoretical side of sport. The children learnt about the skeleton and named some of the bones in the body such as; the femur, the scapula and the pelvis. The children also learnt about some  of the muscles we have in the body and discovered that it is the muscles in our body that help us move and the skeleton is used to support us. They then played some games against a partner to try and point to the bone or muscle in the body first as well as explore the different movements that the bones and muscles could do.

19/02/2018 - Project Launch Event


This morning the children took part in an activity to launch their new project of 'Road Trip USA!' Unfortunately, due to the weather, the children were not able to venture outside for the event, however that did not stop them engaging with the activity! They started by finding 14 different tickets for 14 different states in America, which they then had to put into an order and find on a map of the U.S. They also found out which Native America tribe settled in each of the states and labelled these on their maps. Have a look at the pictures below to see what they got up to...