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Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip


On Monday 15th October, to finish our project on a high note, we travelled to Doncaster to see a variety of animals that we have researched for the past 7 weeks.

We put our learning to the test by asking the staff on site specific questions that included the vocabulary we had learned, such as 'How many carnassial teeth do Tiger's have?'


Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

Writing Speeches - 12/10/18


We analysed speeches from Winston Churchill in order to find the key features of a speech. Following this, the children wrote their own speeches to try and convince their peers that the super predator they created during the WOW event was the most dangerous.

Writing speeches

PARASITES! 11/10/18


In today's project lesson, we were looking at the horrible creatures that live inside and outside our bodies, endoparasite and ectoparasite respectively. 

These included: tapeworms, flatworms, head lice, gnats and more.

Dilemma Stories - 03/10/18


For their piece of writing this week, children imagined they were a park ranger in the Everglades national park who looked after a large amount of animals. At some point on their trip around the park, they encounter an animal in trouble, and they have to choose between two difficult options in order to save the animal! 

Dilemma Stories

Dienes Blocks - Addition and Subtraction

14th September 2018


Today, we published our leaflets on carnivorous plants. Pupils chose between the famous Venus Flytrap, a Sundew plant or a Pitcher plant.

These are just some of the amazing finished products! The remainder are already on our display boards in the school. 

Carnivorous plant leaflets

13th September 2018


Today, we began to make fact files for ferocious insects. Children used iPads and non-fiction texts to find out the most interesting facts about a Dragonfly, Antlion, Assassin bug or a Tiger beetle.

Ferocious insects

13th September 2018


Today, year 4 enjoyed these resources to represent different numbers. They were using their knowledge of place value to show ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. 

5th September 2018


Today, children researched a variety of predators and prey and sorted them into food chains. They learned terms such as producer, consumer and apex predator.

Food chains