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17/11/2018 - Birds of Prey Display


Year 3 were very lucky this afternoon to have a visit from Tales of Talons! They had the opportunity to see birds of prey close up as well as questions to find out more information about the predators!

15/10/2018 - Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Year 3 had an amazing day at the wildlife park. They got to see lots of animals from their project as well as looking at classifying and grouping animals using classification keys. Moreover, they got to hold some live creatures during the education workshop!

12/10/2018 - English


This week, Year 3 have been looking at speeches. They had to choose a predator from this project, find out some information about it and then write and read aloud a speech to the class. Click on the sub-page to see have a listen to some of them...

10/10/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 looked into the gruesome world of Human Parasites! They looked at where the parasites lived on the human body as well as what some of the symptoms were for different parasites that used human bodies as hosts.

05/10/2018 - English


To end the innovate stage of this project, the children in Year 3 and 4 spent some time looking at each other's 'Ultimate Predator' creations. They had to ask questions about how the creation was designed etc. as well as being to explain the process to each other.

04/10/2018 - Innovate Week - The Ultimate Predators


WOW! What a busy day for Year 3! They had a great time making their predators from junk modelling this morning, with the help of some of their parents. Then this afternoon, they had the opportunity to paint them to make them as ferocious as possible! Have a look below at the finished results...

04/10/2018 - WOW Event


It was great to see so many parents this morning for our WOW Event! The extra pairs of hands was really helpful for the children to allow them to create their ultimate predators! Lots of junk modelling, card, paper and glue holding it all together! Will be interesting to see the painted results...

03/10/2018 - English


Year 3 have been working really hard on a dilemma story for the last week and a half. Today marked the end of their writing, when they had to publish all of their work. There are some really exciting, as well as quite scary, stories from the class. They had to imagine they were a ranger working at the Everglades National Park and think about what potential dilemmas they could face on one of their evening patrols around the park.

02/10/2018 - Maths


This week, the children in Year 3 have been looking at subtraction and have to carefully think about their place value when using a formal column method. Here they are using help sheets and drawing objects to help them find solutions to questions.

27/09/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 explored the world of Aquatic Predators. They watched some documentary clips to inspire their very own short Deadly 60 style report!

26/09/2018 - Science


Year 3 revisited food chains this afternoon but this time looked at where local frogs fitted into the food chains. They also needed to include important technical language on their food chains to explain the different parts.

24/09/2018 - R.E


This term, Year 3 have been looking at Hinduism during RE lessons. They have been looking at the creation of Ganesh and looking at how the religion was founded. This week they had to look at the different Puja items and their importance to the Hindu religion. They had to match up the pictures with their captions and present it in a poster format.

21/09/2018 - English


After a week of researching birds of prey and learning all about Haiku poems, the children read them out loud to their peers and then gave constructive feedback to each other's work. Follow the link below to listen to some of their work...

20/09/2018 - ICT with Mr Carlton


This afternoon, Year 3 were very lucky to have Mr Carlton in the classroom to work with them on Lego We Do. This is a Lego building software on the Ipads, which instructs the children how to make models and then program them on to move in different directions and under different variables.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

20/09/2018 - Geography


Continuing with their work on Birds of Prey, the children had to imagine that they were a peregrine falcon and think about what they could see if they were soaring high in the sky. They used Google earth to find out where our school was in the world and then drew a picture of it into their books from a birds eye view.

20/09/2018 - English


This week, Year 3 have been looking at Birds of Prey and today they created their very own Haiku poems all about one of them! They had to make sure to follow the rules for a Haiku poem as well as describe the predator!

14/09/2018 - English


This week in Year 3, the children have been looking at predator plants and finding out all about how some plants are carnivorous and have to eat meat in order to survive. They watched videos, researched and then created informative leaflets explaining what predator plants are and two of the more popular ones. Here they are proudly showing off their work... 

12/09/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at predator plants! They watched videos looking at the different carnivorous plants that are found around the world. They then had to draw labelled diagrams of a Venus fly trap as well as explaining how it traps its prey!

12/09/2018 - Maths


Some super work today from the children in Year 3. They had to use practical objects to show the place value in 3 digit numbers.

11/09/2018 - NSPCC Assembly


The children had a very informative visit today from an NSPCC representative who taught them all about different kinds of abuse and who trusted adults were that they could talk to if they had any worries.

07/09/2018 - English


It was a great morning in Year 3 as they worked towards creating some descriptions about predator scenes. Not only was the work of a high quality but the presentation and pride taken in the work matched. Here are few examples of individual and group work...

06/09/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 become palaeontologists and found out how fossils are formed. They then had to become documentary narrators and create a short video clip about how fossils are formed! (Unfortunately, most of the video files are too big to upload to here but they are VERY GOOD and informative)!!


Still image for this video

06/09/2018 - English


This morning, Year 3 created some noun phrases for different predators in action shots. They had to include adjectives along with nouns in their phrases to describe what they could see.

05/09/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at food chains and created their own for local woodland animals. They had to use the correct technical language to describe the different parts of the food chains including: producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer as well as understanding what an apex predator is.

05/09/2018 - Maths


Today, the children were exploring numbers and looking at different ways of representing numbers up to 100 and then up to 1000. They had to use a variety of resources and objects to help with representing the different values.

04/09/2018 - English


A super start to the school year and a new Key Stage for Year 3 this morning as they created lots of adjectives to describe the predators in the pictures.