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Practically Perfect Potions - HOMEWORK

Performing an alternative ending to Romeo and Juliet - 14/03/2019


This week, we wrote an alternative ending to Romeo and Juliet so that both characters are not either poisoned or die due to a potion. We had varying results, some characters came back and avenged themselves as ghosts, other characters had better communication and did not need to use the potion or poison by the end, others lived happily ever after.

Alternative Romeo and Juliet ending - 14/03/2019

SCIENCE WEEK! - 11/03/2019


For science week, all of KS2 took part in a carousel of activities to investigate the effects of filtering, what happens when we sneeze or cough without covering our nose and mouth, making paper aeroplanes for aerodynamics, and using essential oils to make a perfume.

SCIENCE WEEK! - 11/03/2019

Anaesthetic Timeline - 07/03/2019


Today, we were ordering cards with information about the history of anaesthetics.

We have already learned about what anaesthetics can do for dentists and doctors, and we needed to work in groups to figure out the correct order of discoveries from 4000BC to the 1980's. 

Anaesthetic Timeline - 07/03/2019

WARNING LABEL - Alice's Potion Bottle - 01/03/2019


Today, we decided we would help Alice make more sensible decisions by designing a WARNING label for her potion bottle. In the text, the potion bottle only says 'DRINK ME', and this could be very dangerous if you do not know what is in there.


Our warning labels now say:

What ingredients are in the bottle;

What effect the potion should have on you;

How you consume the potion (or if you pour it over your head!)

and shows important 'hazard symbols' that instantly show dangers.

WARNING label for Alice's potion bottle - 01/03/2019

Testing viscosity of liquids - 28/02/2019


We used ramps and utilised the tyres by the field to test the speed at which different liquids move. We predicted that tomato ketchup would move the slowest out of all liquids in the experiment. 


The results were as follows, from SLOWEST to the fastest:


Tomato sauce

Golden syrup

Double cream

Washing up liquid


Testing viscosity of liquids - 27-02-2019

P.E - Stuck in the 'pose' - 27/02/2019

Engaging with Alice in Wonderland - 26-02-2019


Today, we tried to find the connection between objects dotted around the classroom. We had pictures of jam tarts, cards, a picture of a girl in a blue dress, and a hat. We eventually connected the dots to find that they all linked to Alice in Wonderland.



In the story, Alice took a 'potion' that made her shrink to only 15 inches so she could fit through a tiny door. The children acted out the scene on the field (as the weather was lovely) and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the story.

Engaging with Alice in Wonderland - 26-02-2019