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Spilsby Primary Academy is part of the Infinity Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust (MAT) with Gipsey Bridge Academy.  


The Trust was established in February 2013 and was developed as a unique model that would allow schools the greatest amount of autonomy and strategies for developing the quality of teaching and learning for all its pupils. The Trust promotes individuality and the right of each school to develop its own strengths and distinct character whilst remaining open to joint projects, a cohesive philosophy and a determination to achieve the best outcomes for pupils.


The Trust schools are encouraged to form a range of partnerships with maintained schools and other academies and use these links to share expertise, develop educational research and explore meaningful approaches to teaching and learning.


Schools are welcome to contact Spilsby Primary Academy or Gipsey Bridge Academy or for further information, or follow the link below.

For information about the Trust's Annual Accounts, please follow the link:

KYRA Teaching School Alliance


Spilsby Primary Academy is also part of the KYRA Teaching School Alliance.

This is an alliance of nursery, infant, junior and primary schools across Lincolnshire and was established in 2012. The alliance has a strong ethos built on the vision of being ‘ambitious for children’ and collaboration is a cornerstone of Kyra’s work.


The Kyra vision:

We will harness our collective professionalism, expertise, and moral purpose, to ensure no one is left behind, and every school and individual in our partnership thrives – to the benefit of all children.


The schools within the alliance work together to ensure that all can contribute to the aims of the alliance and in turn are able to collaborate locally to continuously improve their practice and outcomes for children.

Our trustees were featured in the KYRA Journal: Navigating Change.

More than ever before, it is important for schools to be outward-facing; to work with other schools and organisations, in a climate of mutual challenge, to champion best practice and secure excellent achievements for all pupils.


Small Aspiring Schools Collaborative Partnership


Our school is a founding member of a very effective collaborative partnership with other local schools including:


Eresby Special School, 

Gipsey Bridge Academy, 

Kirkby-on-Bain Primary School, 

Mareham le Fen CE Primary School, 

Frithville Primary School & New York Primary School Federation.


Together, we engage in moderation of children's work at every key stage; undertake training events for staff relating to key priorities and enjoy a variety of sporting events. Governors from across the partnership meet together to participate in joint training opportunities too.

Peer Review


The headteachers in every school in the partnership believe strongly in the power of sector-led school improvement and carry out formal peer reviews. Each school receives one peer review per year. These reviews identify excellent practice within the partnership as well as areas to improve. Following reviews, the schools work together to support each other to provide the very best education possible for all of the children in the partnership.


Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP)


Our school, like almost all schools in the county, is a member of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP), a sector-led initiative bringing together headteachers and other educational professionals to promote improvement and share best practices in all schools across Lincolnshire.


For the 2016/17 academic year, Spilsby Primary Academy has been part of the 'Mobilise' project- an innovative research-based learning project.  This has used the research done by the Education Edowment Foundation (EEF) and focused upon maximising the impact of Teaching Assistants.   

For 2017/18 and 2018/19, we will be part of two projects: digital feedback in mathematics and cognitive theory.