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Out of School Achievements

At Spilsby we love to celebrate the children's achievements out of school too. Children are welcome to bring certificates or medals into school so they can be presented during our celebration assembly.  

Award Winning Ballerina

Award Winning Ballerina 1

Freestyle Dancer

Freestyle Dancer 1

Swimming Champ!

Swimming Champ! 1

Red Belt Kick Boxer!

Red Belt Kick Boxer! 1

Fantastic Footballer!

Fantastic Footballer! 1

Judo Master!

Judo Master! 1

Swimming Award Winner!

Swimming Award Winner! 1

Stage 2 Super Swimmer!

Stage 2 Super Swimmer! 1

Footballing Champion!

Footballing Champion! 1

Topnotch Dancer!

Topnotch Dancer! 1

Kick Boxing Champ!

Kick Boxing Champ! 1

Double award winning super swimmer!

Double award winning super swimmer! 1

Little Terrific Tornado

Little Terrific Tornado 1

Sensational, Angelic Swimmer!

Sensational, Angelic Swimmer! 1

Super Gymnast!

Super Gymnast! 1

Gymnastics Champion!

Gymnastics Champion! 1

Stage 2 Swimmer!

Stage 2 Swimmer! 1

100m Swimmer!

100m Swimmer! 1