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NEWSFLASH! Strange Footprints Discovered!

Thursday 15th January 2015...

Strange things have appeared this week in the Reception class outdoor area.

First we found some shiny scales and then we found some footprints! But these are no ordinary footprints...these are ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, MASSIVE footprints!

We found them in the sand pit, the sand tray and a trail of them leading to the Key Stage 2 playground...then they vanished.

Some of us thought they belonged to a bear because it had claws. Some of us thought a dinosaur (although as one of our friends pointed out, they became "extinct because of a meteor"). Some of us thought it was a troll because of how wide the footprints were. Some of us thought it was a dragon because the tracks stopped "so he must have flown away!"

We had such fantastic ideas and were super detectives trying to work out the creature that left these prints.

See what you think made these mysterious footprints...


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We are still trying to find out what made these this space for any more exciting news!