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Year 3/4 Mighty Metals Science Experiment

Year 3/4 Iron in our cereal investigation


As part of the Mighty Metals topic the children investigated how iron was included in foods as part of a healthy diet. The children were shocked to discover that each person has enough iron in their body to make a small nail!

The children first investigated the nutrition facts on the side of the cereal boxes, looking at the iron content per small bowlful.

The investigation was to try and extract the iron using as strong a magnet as possible.

First the children had to test if the magnet attracted the cereal when it was dry. Next they had to add warm water to the cereal to make a mushy mixture. Continuous stirring with the magnet for 1 minute would hopefully allow any small, shiny, specks of iron to stick to the magnet. Then the magnet was carefully dipped in cold water to remove any mushy mixture and the magnet wiped on a clean paper towel. Finally the paper towel was inspected with a strong magnifying glass. The children studied the paper mixture to see if any evidence of iron was visible.

Success!! The Weetabix and Shreddies showed tiny specks of glinting particles which helped prove that iron was a part of the cereal's content.