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School closures 02/03

❄️⛄️🌨☃️Snow update☃️🌨 ⛄️❄️
After just receiving guidance from the Multi agency team working within Lincolnshire to keep people in our county safe we have made the decision once again to remain closed on Friday 2nd March we hope to re-open on Monday and find out what everyone’s been up to during their snow days. Thank you for everyone’s patience this week and being so understanding closing a school is never an easy decision but everyone’s safety to us is paramount. Please take care and only venture out if necessary a lot of roads in Lincolnshire are impassable and the advice is not to travel unless urgent. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you all next week. Any further updates will be placed on our #socialmedia accounts, school website and Lincs FM #snowday #beastfromtheeast #teamspilsby