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Parent Questionnaire July 2015

Thank you for taking time to complete the recent parent questionnaire, we received extremely positive feedback. A few comments are included below.


What has your child enjoyed most about school this year?


Everything! She always comes home and tells us what she has learnt, she loves going.


The work, as both the children love learning and both have excellent teachers.


She has enjoyed everything about the school, she loves it.


He has enjoyed all aspects of school throughout the year.


Maths, literacy and art. She loves being with all her friends in the classroom, having golden time on Fridays and celebration assembly. She really enjoyed the Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic.


My child has enjoyed learning about dinosaurs, sea creatures, the trip to the Deep was fantastic. She has learned so much in such a short amount of time! Her reading and writing skills amaze me and each day she fascinates me with her new knowledge. We are so happy with her progress and it's all with thanks to her teachers in her class and school.


We have received some positive ideas from parents for improvements and developments, these are currently being considered.