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New term, new topics!

Just 3 days into the new term and the exciting new topics are well underway! Year 3 and 4 children went on a visit yesterday to the local Supermarkets and Green Grocers to look at the fruit, vegetables and breads as part of their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' topic. Year's 5 and 6 had an evacuation day in school and year 6  are visiting Thorpe Camp today to learn more for their new topic 'Child's War', while Year 5 have a visit from Mr Ron Worth who is talking to the children about his life as a child and the war. Year 2 are excited about their 'Memory Box' topic, while the Reception class are continuing with their 'Rainbow World' topic. The year 1 classroom has been transformed into Granny's lounge for the topic 'Grandma, why was it called the good old days?' The children were investigating toys from the olden days. What an exciting run up to Christmas this term looks set to be!