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Our mini police ambassadors for 2021/22

Prevention I-Spy yesterday for their 2nd crime prevention session The Mini Police embedded their learning from last week, delivering their knowledge into the community. Luckily we had ☀️ for our patrols.

Getting ready to deliver the new Mini Police 'Prevention through the Times' lesson. Covering all things prevention & the history of policing.

Brilliant second engagement with the Y6 Mini Police team. Time for pupils to feedback their knowledge & learning post our positively different lesson all around protected characteristics, hate crime & consequences.

Year 5 learning about diversity in their second mini police session. They discussed gender roles, why it’s right to challenge & how it’s important to follow our dreams regardless of the society views. They then made posters made for our school community 💗

➡️ Diversity, gender roles, stereotypes & prejudice for Yr 5 today ➡️ Protected Characteristics & Hate Crime for Yr 6 as they have recently trialed Diversity. Amazing peer led comments & challenges brought about from all

Kindness session! A really open session with some brilliant ideas that are going to be carried on within the class. We need to keep smiling & being kind but also challenge our bucket dippers by talking to others

Looking over the Lincolnshire Mini Police ambassador submissions was brilliant today. Some great candidates with fab speeches, acrostic poems & artwork. It’s really great to see how the pupils reflect on the Mini Police pledge and make it their own.

Delivered a great Mini Police Ambassador Assembly today. The pupils were as always amazing 💗 We had a brilliant conversation about “What is an ambassador?” Mini Police officers promise to be an ambassador for their school, their community and Lincolnshire police.

Year 4's Mini Police session focussed on Kindness. There were lots of fantastic ways to be kind and what it feels like to receive kindness. I always say “If everyone was kind we’d have no crime”

First delivery of the reimagined Mini Police program ‘A Diverse World. The Kahoot quizzes went down a storm & the feedback around gender norms was so grown up. Mini police is all about pupil voice so it’s important we get it right

Brilliant Lincolnshire Mini Police bike marking event yesterday. Making sure those bikes & scooters can be identified if they are found by police. We even sold a few bike lights so children are far more visible on these darker nights. #cyclesafety #crimeprevention

A fab "share the message" wider session today #Challengingstereotypes & #Embracingdiversity We totally had it down & they combatted bravery to spread the message far & wide they'd ask everyone to think; Where do your stereotypes come from? 🤔

Still image for this video

Brilliant Mini Police session today with all year 5 and 6 pupils talking about #girl #boy #genderrules & #stereotypes Where do they come from? & How can we challenge what others may say about set stereotypes

Fab #Year5 #MiniPolice session yesterday learning all about #Scams & how the #criminals behave to trick you out of your money. #bullying #intimidate #fast #take5 #Friendsagainstscams

Amazing afternoon! Year 5 have kick started their Lincs Mini Police journey. I’m looking forward to their speeches on Election Day #fundamentalbritishvalues #democracy

Today our Mini Police today took to the streets of Spilsby for our Crime Prevention session. We looked for insecurities & offered advice to members of the public. #communityengagement #teamwork #professional

A really insightful Mini Police session today on #Anti-social behaviour & crime. We spoke about our responsibilities, our grown up responsibilities and our commitment to not only our own futures but others in our community. #pupilvoice is so strong in this lesson if only we are #brave enough to ask the questions... We used amazing resources from #fearless 😊 #welldone #year5 #proud

Our fabulous Mini Police team have been sharing their internet messages about how to stay safe online for Safer Internet Day 2019. #Ourinternetourchoice give children the power #pupilvoice & they all used the right hashtags on their posters!

It's always ace when a Mini Police team feedback in a whole school assembly. Sharing the learning via pupil voice is how the programme was designed it doesn't only capture a small group of kids. Well done team! They went so much further #anxiety #bravery #beyou

Super proud of all these children today for the Lincolnshire Mini Police elections. 18 candidates. Fabulous bravery shown by all. A massive thank you to all our visitors: Lincolnshire Police, BBC Look North reporter Kate Sweeting and ACC West!

Our democratic nominations were even filmed and featured on BBC Look North!