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Mighty Metals

17/10/2017 - World Voices Workshop


Year 3 had an absolutely fantastic morning taking part in the World Voices workshop. They were very lucky to have two special guests from different countries around the world - one visitor came all the way from Ethiopia and the other from Jordan. The children were all fantastic when taking part in the songs from the different cultures, not only could they pick up the new foreign language but they also started to add actions to the songs and lullabies. Ask them if they can remember what the meaning of the songs were? A great morning from Year 3 and Mr Roberts was very impressed with how polite and well-behaved everyone of them was! Take a look at the pictures and the short videos of what they get up to below...


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16/10/2017 - P.E


Today marked the last lesson of football with JB sports in P.E and it was great to see all of the children putting the skills they have learnt into action in a match scenario!  

06/10/17 - English


This week Year 3 have been creating their own list poems, which have been based on molten metals. At the start of the week they had to think of numerous verbs and adjectives about molten metals before using these words in their list poems. Some children performed their poems to the class and many added illustrations to their work as well. Have a look at the pictures and videos below of their work...


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05/10/2017 - Lego and We Do


Year 3 had a great afternoon today with Mr Carlton using the Lego and we do app on the Ipads. They had to work in pairs to make a construction and then had to program the model on the We Do app to make it move around. They had a great time and really helped them to see forces in action! Look at the pictures below to see what they got up to...

28/09/2017 - RE


Well the Year 3 class certainly are full of surprises...


When Mr Roberts left them the task of using clay to create their own Ganesh Murtis he was not sure what state the classroom would be in the next morning and what sculptures would have been created. But it turns out it was an amazing surprise to find that not only was the classroom spotless but there were some fantastic pieces of work produced! The children were looking at the Hindu religion again and thinking about why Hindus create their own Murtis. As you can see from the pictures below, they worked incredibly hard to create their own and really considered the fine details. They will look even more amazing when they are painted in the next few weeks.

27/09/2017 - Project


This afternoon the Year 3 class become detectives! They carried out three separate activities all linked to magnetics. One of them involved going around the school and trying to find out which surfaces were magnetic and which were not. The second activity involved testing the power of different magnets by seeing how close they needed to be to a paper clip in order for it to be attracted to the magnet. The final activity was more a test for the children; as they were required to work in pairs, with one holding a maze on a piece of paper with a paper clip on top and their partner using a magnet underneath to weave the paper clip around the maze. They had lots of fun as you can see in the pictures below...

25/09/2017 - Project


This afternoon Year 3 were very busy creating their very own board game! They could create any game they wanted but they had to use magnets for counters and then use another magnet to move these counters. There were some very original designs as well as some children adapting versions of classic board games to make their board game unique. The children will work on creating a set of instructions for their board games this week and then have a go at playing some of them. Take a look below at their amazing designs...

22/09/2017 - English


This week Year 3 have been writing their own explanation texts about a robot that they designed. They had to create a robot which would be useful to them and they created some amazing different robot models with some being able to fly up high in the sky and some being able to do more simple things like scratch your back. The children then had to write about their design in an explanation text, which involved taking into account all of the specific detail about what forces would be needed to start the process and also throughout any action that the robot could do. The children produced some great work and it can be seen below...

21/09/2017 - R.E


Year 3 have been exploring the Hindu religion during R.E lessons this term and this week they were specifically looking at Puja - the act of Hindu Worship. They looked at the different items which Hindus use during this act of worship and created posters which displayed this information. The pictures below show the amazing posters which were created...

20/09/2017 - Science


Year 3 have followed a line of enquiry this week, where they had to investigate the effect different materials had on the distance a car travelled down a ramp. They had to think about how to keep it a fair test in order to generate reliable and accurate results. As a class they decided that in order to keep it a fair test they had to: use the same car on the five different surfaces; start the car in the same place and not push the car down the ramp. They found that the car travelled the furthest on the sandpaper surface and the shortest on the rug material. Have a look at the pictures below to see how they carried out the enquiry...



Science and D.T - Year 3 continued their journey today through the Mighty Metals topic by creating their own 'spinners' using cardboard and pencils. They were exploring a new piece of technical vocabulary called 'inertia' which is where an object is in a permanent state of rest or at a constant state of movement. The children had to think about the forces that were in action when the spinner was spinning and what caused it to stop. There was a lot of discussion about what the best design was for a spinner, which was followed by lots of fierce competition between spinners!! Check out the photos below to see what they created...



Project - Science and D.T


Well it was another busy afternoon in Year 3 again today, with lots of work on forces being completed. Over the afternoon the children had the chance to look at levers as well as making parachutes in groups and testing them to see which one hit the ground the first.


Lots of technical language was used during the activities with some children being able to explain how moving the fulcrum in a lever system can impact on how easy it is to use when lifting a load. Check out the photos and videos below to see what great work was produced by the whole class...


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P.E - Well Year 3 were certainly very impressive today during their P.E session. They were focussing today on football drills and had to have great coordination to dribble the ball in and out of different obstacles! Keep up the good work, the England team should keep watching!!



Memorable Experience - Visit to the Local Park


Well what an exciting morning the Year 3 children had at the park today!! The children took part in a numerous activities such as: parachute games, considering the forces used in different games; orienteering, where children had to use compass to find hidden letter dotted around the field; testing different surfaces with magnets and looking at the different forces in action. On returning to school there were two more activities which took place to emphasise how forces affect many different scenarios. The children looked at how friction plays a role in the speed an object wrapped in different materials travels down a slide. They also had the chance to look at how different size paper airplanes can impact on the distance it travels when thrown.


The children were all super well behaved in all the activities and gave some great scientific explanations for different situations and produced some fantastic written work following the trip. Have a look at the picture below to see what they all got up to...



P.E - Forces in Action


Well what an amazing start to the exciting project of Mighty Metals!! The task for Year 3 today was to look at forces in action. They took part in many different activities and were required to think about the forces that were being used each time to make something happen. They even started to think about which activities used a contact force and which ones used a non-contact force. Some children even looked at hypothetical questions such as:


Would you move along a slide if it was horizontal?


They generated some amazing answers using lots of scientific technical language. This was a great start to the project and a great start to being part of the junior stage of school.