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Monday 18th May

Watch the video below for an introduction and activity to NUMBER BONDS TO 10.


To start today, listen to the NUMBER PAIRS SONG (the link is above).

Then play a quickfire game, by saying a number and your child will say the matching number bond to 10 back to you.

When you are happy they are fairly confident play the matching pairs game below.

Wednesday 20th May- BACK TO BACK GAME

Today's session is similar to yesterday's session and will hopefully reinforce the number bonds to 10 so they become part of your child's quickfire recall.

To start, play the NUMBER PAIRS SONG again as a refresh.

You may want to do a quickfire number bonds session as you did yesterday, depending on how much practise your child needs.

You will each need number cards from 0 to 10 

(you can use yesterday's cards if you like, just add to them)

Sit back to back with your child and each of you lay your cards in front of you.

Player 1 picks up one of their cards and says the number and player 2 has to find the corresponding number bond to 10.

If you get it right, out the cards together out of the way and that's a point to you!

Now player 2 picks a card of theirs and Player 1 has to find the corresponding number bond to 10.#


Thursday 21st May

Today you are going to practise what you have learnt this week by playing a jungle number bonds game. Click on the link below to show how much you have learnt this week.

Friday 22nd May

Today you can practise what you have learnt about number bonds to 10 by trying to use the facts whilst you are doing activities at home or whilst you are outside.

For example, if you have two slices of toast, how many more you would need to make 10? 

Or if you see three birds, how many more would make 10?