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Height and length 

Complete the activities below to help your understanding of height and length.

Lesson 1 - Comparing heights and lengths 

  • Order your teddy bears from tallest to shortest. 
  • Ask your family to stand in height order: shortest to tallest. 
  • Ask an adult to help you cut some pieces of string, ribbon or wool. Compare the lengths. Which piece is the longest? Which is the shortest? (Save the string for lesson 3)


Lesson 2 - Non standard units of measure

Use Lego bricks to measure different objects you have at home. You may like to record your findings in the table below. 



Lesson 3 -  Measuring length using a ruler 

  • Measure the string you used in lesson 1 using a ruler.
  • Use a ruler to measure objects you have at home. Can you find an object 10 cm or longer? Can you find an object shorter than 10 cm? 

Don't worry if you don't have a ruler use this interactive game! 

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