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This week in maths we have been working very hard creating different number bonds to 5, 10 and 15. We have been challenging our friends to think of number bonds and recording our results. We have also been using a Carroll Diagram to sort numbers. We have been looking at the difference between odd and even numbers and sorting these accordingly.
This week we have been looking at doubling and halving numbers up to 20. We discussed dividing and multiplying numbers and then had a go at sharing things with friends. We have also been using the shape bag to describe 2d and 3d shapes to our friends for them to try and work out which shape we are hiding.
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We have been using our estimating and counting skills this week in Reception. We found some bottles of treasure in our classroom and began to think about what an estimate was and then how we could find out if we were close or even right. The buttons were a little bit sneaky as some of them were different sizes which made it difficult for us to estimate.

Estimating and Counting

Estimating and Counting 1
Estimating and Counting 2
This week we have been adding two different amounts together to find the total. We used fish to help us and counted their scales and then added the amounts together. This activity enabled us to practise our counting, number writing and finding totals skills. We used different resources to help us including cubes, numicon and our fingers.

Arthur's great maths work

Arthur's great maths work 1

We have been working really hard on our number skills. Today we thought about adding one more and taking one away from different numbers. We used chalk to write different numbers on the playground and then calculated which numbers would be one more and one less. Amber told us "I love writing with chalk its much better than boring pencils!"

Chalk numbers

Chalk numbers 1
Chalk numbers 2
Chalk numbers 3
Chalk numbers 4
We have been digging deep into our outdoor sand pit and have found lots of numbered fish! The children were given a challenge to find two fish and add the numbers together. We thought really hard about what resources we could use to help us with this challenge.

Adding numbers together

Adding numbers together 1
Adding numbers together 2
In maths this week we have been busy using our counting and weighing skills. We used seeds and plant pots to count the right number of seeds into the pots and then weighed them to see which pot was the heaviest. We have been thinking what one more and one less is and have been using the Numicon to help us.

Counting and weighing seeds

Counting and weighing seeds 1
Counting and weighing seeds 2

Matching numbers to objects

Matching numbers to objects 1
Matching numbers to objects 2
Matching numbers to objects 3
Matching numbers to objects 4
We have been using objects which we might find under the sea to help us with our maths work. This week we decided we would like to make repeated patterns using different items from the sea.

Repeated patterns

Repeated patterns 1