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Lost Teddy!

We received a parcel today!

We received a parcel today! 1

We opened it to find a letter and a lost bear named Edward!

We thought about how we could look after him and keep him safe until we could find his family.

We talked about it and decided that he needed all the following things:

* some friends to love him, Benjamin is his best friend

*a cosy place to live, our classroom

*a warm bed with a blanket

*some food and drink

*some toys to play with


*bracelets and necklaces and

*some pictures to look at from all of his friends in Reception.


So we set to work and made him feel really happy and safe!

We found lost posters around the school!

We read it and decided to write a letter back to say Edward was alright.

Let's see what happens next!

In the afternoon we went out to post the letter with Edward bear.