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Lost Bear

On Monday 24th September, Reception received a mystery package. A bear was inside with a letter. His name was Edward and he was lost. He missed his family, so we tried to make him feels safe and happy. We made him a bed, a house, pictures and cards. We also gave him toys, food, drink and of course lovely big hugs!

On Tuesday, we saw LOST posters in and around the school. Edward's family were looking for him. We wrote a letter to his family telling them that we had found him and asking them to tell us where to leave him for them to find him. We walked to the post box to post the letter and made some LOST posters ourselves to put around the school.

On Wednesday, we received a reply from the Bear family asking us to leave Edward in Natureland at the end of the field. We walked there and left him there for his family to find him.