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We have been using the book 'Dear Greenpeace' to help us with our Literacy skills this week. We decided we would like to write some letters to Greenpeace to ask some advise for some interesting things we have found. We worked really hard to create some amazing pieces of independent writing.

Independent writing

As part of our topic 'Under the Sea' we have been looking at lots of different texts which are based around the ocean. This week we have been doing some work from the book 'The Rainbow Fish'. The children really enjoyed discussing how they preferred the Rainbow Fish when he was kind to everyone else rather than just looking beautiful on his own. We retold the story using props and even made a video to show the rest of our class.

The Rainbow Fish

Today we went on a sound hunt. Scattered around our outdoor area were lots of different sounds. We had to find these and then think of words which began with that sound. We then used the big white board to write these words down and then began thinking about how we could use these to create super sentences.

Our sound hunt