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Launch event

Today (4.1.18) Years 3 and 4 were launched, immersed and thoroughly dunked into our new fabulous project - Gods and Mortals, Ancient Greece. Mrs Parr and Mr Roberts wanted to be able to involve the children in activities that would enable them to learn a lot about Ancient Greek culture while having lots of fun. 

The 2 classes rotated through 3 different activities.



Activity 1 - Greek vases

We used the Internet, photographs and text books to look at key features of traditional black and orange Greek pottery. We explored the use of the jars and urns for storage and discussed the historical and mythological scenes that they show. The children then used what they had learned to plan and create their own stunning vases.

The finished product

Activity 2 - mythological creature collages

The children learned the names and characteristics of the Minotaur, Pegasus and the Hippocampus and then recreated them through collage.

Activity 3 - God and goddess fact files

The children heard the myth of Cronus and the Titans and Zeus and the Olympians. They then researched one of the 12 Olympian gods or goddesses and created their own fact file looking at relationships between gods, special powers and responsibilities. These fact files will be added to our amazing Mt Olympus display.