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I am Warrior!

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07/06/2019 - English


This morning, Year 3 created some super invitations for the Roman Cena banquet that they were hosting for fellow wealthy Romans. They had to include key information about when and where the feast was taking place as well as including the dress code and explaining what food would be on the menu for the guests.

05/06/2019 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at some of the accessories the Romans and Celts had. They spent time creating sketches of Celtic body art as well as looking at Roman jewellery.

05/06/2019 - English


This week, Year 3 are looking at the Roman's appetite and are studying the different foods that they ate with each meal of the day.

03/06/2019 - Geography


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at the city of Rome as they continued their I am Warrior project. They were each given a different famous landmark from the ancient city, which they then had to place onto the map of Rome on the board.

23/05/2019 - English


Year 3 have been working really hard all week on their own stories all about Boudicca and her uprising against the Roman invasion! They included speech between characters as well as describing the different locations of all the battles between the Romans and the Iceni tribe.

16/05/2019 - English


This morning, Year 3 created freeze frames depicting key events in the life of Queen Boudicca as she revolted against the Roman Empire!

15/05/2019 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 3 created their own Roman and Celtic shields. They looked at original designs from Roman Britain and then added their own variations to their finished work.

15/05/2019 - English


Year 3 created timelines this morning, which showed different events that happened during Roman Britain. They had to sort these events chronologically and then added their own illustrations to each event to show what happened.