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These tools are here to help you to support your child with their learning at home and to demonstrate the strategies and methods we use most frequently in school with your children.

Shared Reading Tips


Tip 1: Ask questions about the book. 


  • Parents can support their child by asking a range of questions about the book they are reading together. 
  • The 'Five W's'- who, what, where, when and why- are good starting points. 
  • Use a mixture of closed questions (which can be answered with a single word) and open questions (which require a longer response)
  • Children can be asked to summarise what has happened in the book/story so far, and to predict what will happen next. 


Tip 2: Link reading to the real world. 


  • Talk about links between the book and real life.  Parents can make the story more interesting and help children develop their understanding of ideas in the book.  For example, whilst reading about Cinderella going to the ball,  you might ask what is the same between a ball and a birthday party.  


This framework can help you identify way of supporting your children's development in literacy.