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Grief & Loss

Year 3 learning all about Greif and Loss at their latest children's mental health workshop. Remembering people we’ve lost through the medium of craft. #insightful #conversations #peersupport #whydowefeellikethis #givingchildrenthetools

Some really powerful thinking during year 4's Grief and Loss workshop last week. Our visitors to the school were blown away by the mental health and emotional language the children were explaining in their #peerconversations #letstalkaboutit #childrensmentalhealthweek

Year 1 and 2 workshop exploring where feelings are felt within your body.

Year 6 Grief and loss workshop. Bracelets for remembering people you have lost or if you’ve argued with a friend ( gift made by and given from another person) Masks are when you mask emotions and only show the world what you want them to see.