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Gods and Mortals

Making Godly items - 03/02/2020

The Minotaur's head! - 31/01/2020

Theseus and the Minotaur - 21/02/2020

Designing a Labyrinth - 20/01/2020

Viking Link - Electricity project to Denmark - 20/01/2020

Godly Fact Files on display

Icarus / Daedalus diary entry - 17/01/2020

Researching the main Greek Gods and Goddesses - 08/01/2020

Zeus fact files - 07/01/2020

Creating Godly Clay Models - 06/01/2020


To kick off our new project - Gods and Mortals - our Memorable Experience comprised of researching the King of the Gods, Zeus. We found out about his backstory, read through all sorts of interesting and unique facts, and then sketched a photo of him. Using the sketch, we modelled his head using clay to create a small shrine in honour of the God.

Creating Godly clay models - 06/01/2020