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Debating whether or not to open Pandora's Box

Recording and rehearsing the myth of Pandora's box

Our finished Minotaur heads!

Creating Minotaur heads - it's a sticky situation !

Our Minotaur heads are ready for the addition of eyes and horns.

Reading traditional story plays in guided reading

Year 3/4 WOW event. Thursday 1st February 

We were so pleased to welcome so many parents to our WOW event today. It was the culmination of our wonderful Gods and Mortals project, looking at Ancient Greece. We participated in a mini Olympics, made finger puppets of Athena, Zeus or the Minotaur, found our way through a maze and researched on the iPads using QR codes. All of this was accompanied by traditional Greek music.If you enjoy these photographs there are more on the Year 3 Class Page.

Emotional wellbeing afternoon - we learned to recognise expressions and identify signs of stress or anxiety.

Today we enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Lincoln Collection - everyone was brilliantly behaved and we enjoyed a magnificent celebration of Ancient Greek culture. We also learned lots about archaeology! There are more wonderful photos on the Year Three page!