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Fruit Shoot and Spils and Bea


We had a visitor in Reception class...It was a friendly dragon called Fruit Shoot from Foundation Stage at Gipsey Bridge Academy.

He came to see what we were learning about in Recpetion class at Spilsby Primary School. We showed all the fun things we have been doing so that he could go back and tell all the children at Gipsey Bridge.

Fruitshoot arrives!

He joined in with our weaving, came to the library with us and even baked gingerbread families with us... we think he ate some too as there was a suspicious trail of crumbs left after he went back to Gipsey Bridge!

Spils and Bea started Reception class at Spilsby Primary School, with us this September.

They are brother and sister and they love it here. They went to Gipsey Bridge Academy to see what Foundation Stage are learning about... we can't wait to see the fun things that the children are getting up to there!

Spils and Bea

Visit the Gipsey Bridge Academy website to find out what Foundation Stage have been doing with Spils and Bea!