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Forces Fieldtrip

On Thursday 7th September Year 4 and Year 3 went on their Forces Fieldtrip to Spilsby playing field. The trip was to launch our Mighty Metals project and to allow us to see the forces that we are learning about in Science in action. We were so proud of the children's behaviour on the way through town to the park and of the enthusiasm they showed for each activity. All the children rotated through four different activities.

Identifying forces

Identifying forces 1
The children had to identify the forces that they needed to use to play on the equipment and the forces that were acting against them. They found examples of push, pull and twisting forces. They also found places where gravity, air resistance and friction were acting on them or an object.

Magnetic force

Magnetic force 1
A second group were let loose with magnets to test different materials around the play area. They then refined their testing to see if all metals were magnetic or not. Do you know what they found out? Ask a Y3 or 4. Children could also explore how different poles of a magnet acted together.


Orienteering 1


Parachute 1
Playing parachute games with Mr Clarke and Miss Ambridge was another fun way to see a whole range of forces in action. The children were so good at explaining the effects of gravity and air resistance against the parachute fabric and the balls.


Once back at school, the children were given the chance to apply what they had learned at the park by testing paper planes and also testing the effects of different materials in terms of friction on blocks going down a slide. It turns out that Year 4 are excellent paper plane makers!


Thank you to Mrs Curtis for her help and thank you to Spilsby Pavillion for allowing us to have a key 'just in case'!