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Expressive Arts & Design

This week we have been looking at how different football teams all have different football tops and how it must feel to wear a football t-shirt and play in a special world cup match. We decided that we wanted to design our own t-shirts to show all the things we were proud of. We started off by doing a little plan and thinking what colours we would like to use on our real t-shirts.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
We have been using recycled materials from home to make 3d models from under the sea. We first planned what we would like to make and what we would need to successfully make our model. We then began to gather all the resources we need to begin creating. We had great fun making these models and will continue to use the junk modelling in our outside area over the coming weeks.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
This week in Reception we have been thinking about the things we might see through the window of a submarine. We thought about the things we saw when we looked through the tanks at The Deep and decided on lots of different creatures which might swim by. We decided we would use our creative skills to create our views. First we painted paper plates blue and then we selected different materials from our classroom to add the things we might see. It was a little tricky to stick all the different things together but I am sure you will agree we made some fantastic art work!

View from a submarine window

View from a submarine window 1
View from a submarine window 2
View from a submarine window 3
View from a submarine window 4
View from a submarine window 5
View from a submarine window 6
View from a submarine window 7
We have been very busy creating salt dough fish. We used our measuring skills to make sure we had everything we needed and used our hands to knead the dough. Using the cutter was tricky as sometimes it got a little stuck. We used the microwave to cook our dough in record time so we could then decorate them ready for our fish display.
We have been doing some work in our outdoor area and we thought our fence looked a little boring so we decided to use some old material and weave it through the fence. I am sure you will agree it now looks much better and we had a great time learning a new skill.
We enjoy trying lots of different resources during our lessons. We decided that we didn't just want to use paint brushes to create under the sea pictures so we used straws. We had great fun blowing the paint in different ways and creating different patterns and images. It was a little tricky to begin with but once we got the hang of it we made some amazing pictures!
We have been using a range of different musical instruments to recreate sounds from the sea. We thought about what things may make different noises and then experimented with the musical instruments to see if we could recreate some of these sounds. It all got a little too noisy for Toby so he became our chief photographer - Great job Toby!
We have been very busy this week making lifesized versions of our friends. First of all we drew around each other this made us laugh as sometimes it was a little tickly when the pencil went around our fingers! We then had a good look at each other to see what colour eyes and hair we had and what we were wearing. We thought about which different materials we would like to use as we wanted to use lots of different things. Take a look at our pictures we had great fun making our giant creations!

Our life sized friends

We have been getting very creative this week. We decided that we would like to use lots of different materials including seeds to create a landscape picture of lots of different flowers. We are still working on this project but check out our work so far!
We had a look at some famous paintings including plants and flowers can you guess what we were working on?
Picture 1
Picture 2
This week we have been busy creating things to put in our Under the Sea area. We have looked at lots of different pictures to find information out about what lives under the sea and then chosen different materials to recreate our own pieces.

Under the Sea