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This week, we will be listening to the story Walking Trough The Jungle by Julie Lacome. We will be linking our writing activities to this book. Watch the video of the story which is sung as a song. The link for the video is below the front cover.

Monday 4th May

Once you have watched the video and listened to the story, it's your turn to imagine walking through a jungle!

What will you see?

Think of six wild animals that you would like to see whilst you are walking through the jungle and what noise they would be making.

Then sing the song with your animals and sounds in to make up your version of Walking Through The Jungle.

Tuesday 5th May

Today you are going to sing your song and make a story map to show which animals you met as you walked through the jungle!

Watch the video lesson below to help

Wednesday 6th May

Today you are going to add some words to your story map to show what the animals were doing. 

Think about what sounds they might be making or even how they might be moving.

Watch the video lesson below to help.

Thursday 7th May and Friday 8th May

Over the next two days, you can use your mind map to write sentences about the animals in the story to write a mini story of your own.

Watch the video lesson below to help you.