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Eco Club

Term 2- After identifying our goals for a more ecological school, we went out litter picking this lunchtime.

Term 3- Some of eco club’s pledges to cut down on power, reduce waste by recycling & help plants by planting pollinating flowers or reducing water waste. So proud of their maturity, awareness & ongoing commitment to the environment .

Term 4- This week, Eco Club ventured outside school again to do some litter picking and were shocked that we collected almost half a bin bag in 20 minutes! Well done Spilsby Eco Warriors!♻️

Term 4- Our very own ultimate Eco Warrior, Olli has been litter picking around town and also putting up posters in shop windows and all around Spilsby to encourage people not to litter. As we often find litter on our school playground, he also put some posters around the school playground to remind people to put their litter in the bin.

Totally blown away by the dedication of Eco Club to the environment. Our very own Miss Weaver in a Q & A session about how we can ensure we recycle as much as we can at school by changing refuse collectors. Probing & intelligent questions from our Eco warriors ♻️

Eco-club wrote persuasive letters to our SBM, Miss Weaver, to convince her to change our refuse collectors as they’re not recycling what we thought. We also included points to consider when choosing a new company. We hand delivered them & now await a response!♻️