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Eco-centre trip

How much fun can you have on a school trip? Well, according to Leo, it was the best day EVER!         Year 1 and Year 2 were thrilled when a double decker bus turned up, and we sang and played games to the Coastal Eco- centre in Skegness.                                                                                  


Our woodland adventures began with collecting firewood, followed by a walk through their enchanted woodland where we saw the Troll's house, the Tooth Fairy's house and where the leaf dragon lives. We helped to make new fairy homes at the base of trees. The fun and learning carried on with pond dipping - we found so many snails and even a fish. We learned how to sew sycamore leaves using pine needles in order to make mini beast homes. And there was still fun to come as we had to work together to make shelters large enough to hold at least one adult ( branchlet) and 2 children ( twiglets ). We then had to put trust in our building skills by sitting in them while Travis tested to see if they were waterproof!


We would all like to say a massive  Thank You to Travis and Paul for a memorable, wonderful day and to our kind helpers Mrs Aspinall, Mr Bruce and Miss Dawson.