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As part of our Fire and Ice topic, we have been learning about Festivals of Light from around the world.

We learnt about the Hindu Festival of Lights called DIWALI. Diwali is the celebration of good over evil an light over dark.


Diwali means "row of lamps." Hindus believe that a Prince named Rama defeated an evil demon called Ravana to save his wife Sita and his kingdom. People lit a row of lamps to lead Rama and Sita back home to their kingdom after they defeated the evil demon.

Click on the link below to see the story.



We learnt about how Hindus celebrate Diwali. Click on the links below to find out more!



Hindus draw Rangoli patterns in front of the doors to their house to welocme in the goddess of good luck and good fortune, Lakshmi. We drew some too. Aren't they beautiful!

Hindus decorate their houses, decorate their hands with henna patterns, light divas (lamps),  give cards and presents to each other, eat special foods and sweets and set off fireworks too.


We wrote some Diwali cards to friends and families, drew henna patterns, made pretend fireworks and even acted out how we would celebrate Diwali.

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