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Finished T shirts #Spilsbystyle ;-)

Today we are designing T Shirts, with a digestive theme!

Today's visit from a NHS dental nurse. She taught us about dental health and keeping our teeth clean. We got to see how clean our teeth actually were. Best of all, we all got a brand new tooth brush.

Oh, I wish I'd looked after my teeth!

We had a very special lesson this week when we had the opportunity to look at and learn from some animal organs. This was to support our digestive system project and our scientific enquiry skills. We wanted to build an understanding and appreciation of the fact that the inside of animals, including humans, is often even more extraordinary than the outside.

We looked at and asked questions about a heart, lungs, a trachea ( windpipe) and oesophagus. We also looked at fat and muscle around the organs. The children worked with respect, and quite often in awe. The children could choose to handle and touch the organs, too, while asking questions and discussing their answers.

A big thank you to Holmes' butchers in Burgh for their help and generosity.

Making intestines.

What an afternoon! What a lesson! Today was Year 4's turn to demonstrate their D.T. and Science skills by making a working model of the intestines. First of all, we used a bowl as the mouth and put a meal of tinned spaghetti and bread into it. We added washing up liquid as lubricating saliva! The children used spoons or hands to mash this mixture as our teeth would. Next, we added vinegar to be the stomach acid and food colouring took the role of bile and enzymes. More mixing and mashing followed! The mixture was then spooned into the leg of a pair of tights to represent food passing from the stomach into the small and large intestine. The children squeezed the mixture along the tube of the tights, replicating peristalsis. They could see liquid being squeezed from the 'intestines'. A carefully placed hole in the foot of the tights allowed the mixture to be 'pooed' out! You can imagine the reactions!! Who ever said that learning isn't fun?! Come to Year 4 and see how good it gets!

Making 'intestines'.