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Blue Abyss

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Science - 25/06/2018


This afternoon, Year 3 learnt all about how submarines use pressure to submerge under the water as well as to rise to the surface. They created small model submarines using modelling clay and a straw, which they then put into a bottle of water. Next, they squeezed the bottle to increase the pressure on the air inside the straw. This meant the air become denser than the surrounding water and sunk to the bottom of the bottle. Then when the pressure was released form the bottle, the submarine model rose back to the top of the water.

18/06/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at food chains for animals in the oceans. They created their own food chains and had to use technical scientific language such as producer, consumer, prey and predator.  

15/06/2018 - English


This week, Year 3 have been looking at the voyage of the HMS Challenger and they have researched the voyage, created diary entries from the viewpoint of one of the scientists on board and today they used the IPads to create a movie trailer. They had to imagine they were a film producer who was creating a film about the journey. They worked in pairs to create a short movie trailer that told the story but in an engaging way!

15/06/2018 - Maths


This week, Year 3 have started looking at time and they surprised Mr Roberts with the knowledge that they already has when using analogue clocks to tell the time!

11/06/2018 - Geography


Year 3 continued their voyage through the Blue Abyss project today and used an atlas to locate the oceans on the planet. They then used the internet to research some information about the oceans including: how deep the oceans are, what continents border the oceans as well as what the climate is like.

11/06/2018 - Maths


Year 3 worked super hard this morning and used practical resources to find fractions of amounts. They had to think about the link between the amount they had and the denominator that was in the fraction.

07/06/2018 - Science


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at how marine life can be classified into different groups. They started by sorting pictures into different groups and then generated their own questions to classify the sea creatures. They had to make sure that the questions gave a yes or no answer so that the marine life could fit into the different categories.

Self-care Workshop - 05/06/2018


Year 3 had a very busy afternoon with the Supporting Minds company, where they thought carefully about their own self-care and how they could deal with situations, where they have control and where they do not. They took part in numerous activities, which helped them to deal with these situations and created a plant pot with a seed to show the importance of nurturing and taking good care of something in order for it to be healthy.

Musical Guest Performance - 04/06/2018


Year 3 and the rest of the school were very lucky to have a visit from Manus Noble; a professional guitarist, perform to them today. He is visiting the county as part of the Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival and is taking part in concerts in the county as well as performing in schools. The children really enjoyed the performance and loved asking him questions and listening to the responses.

Launch Event - 04/06/2018


Year 3 submerged themselves into their new project this morning by creating fish head bands and then using the QR codes, they found out some facts about the mysterious Blue Abyss!