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Autumn Term

Week 8 


This week we have been thinking about what numbers look like in words. We were each given a written number and had to work out what the number version would look like. Once we had done this we ordered them from smallest to biggest. 

Week 7


This week we had some one digit numbers which we had to make two digit numbers out of. We had to think carefully about tens and ones to decide how we could make the biggest number. Then we took the smallest away from the biggest because we've been practicing subtraction. 

Week 6


We have been using the more than, less than and equal to signs in our previous learning on mass and length so this weeks challenge was to have a go at using them for number. We could choose a coloured challenge but had to be sure we could read the number first. Great effort Year 2!

Week 3


This week in our maths starters we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to practice. This week in maths challenge we had to choose which we were going to use and practice either adding them or taking away. Some of us found it a bit tricky so we used a 100 square to help us!

Week 2


This week we had a go at ordering random numbers between 1 and 100. We had to think about the tens and ones that the number had and where this would put it. When we had done this, Miss Tuplin made it trickier by making us join all of our numbers with another group. 

Week 1


We're back after a very long summer and some of us have forgotten which way round our numbers should go. We've had a 100 square challenge and once we had filled in our quarter, we had to find some friends to make it complete. Well done Year 2!