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Autumn Term 2 - The Enchanted Woodland and The Scented Garden

19/11/2020 - Science


This afternoon in Science, Year 2 applied their sorting and classifying knowledge to putting animals into their different species. They were very surprised to hear that we as humans are part of the mammals group!

19/11/2020 - English


This week in English, Year 2 have been using imperative verbs to create a set of instructions for how to make a woodland crown. Today, they published their final pieces.

17/11/2020 - Science


This afternoon, Year 2 completed a Love to Investigate called 'Why do leaves change?' They learnt about decomposition and then collected some leaves to demonstrate the decomposing process.

13/11/2020 - Design and Technology


This afternoon Year 2 used natural resources along with pictures of plants and flowers to create woodland crowns. 

12/11/2020 - English


This week in English, Year 2 have been looking at Little Red Hiding Hood, so they used the iPads to retell the story. Some children used Scratch Jr, some used Comic Strip Design and others narrated the story.

10/11/2020 - Science


This afternoon, Year 2 looked at sorting and classifying natural resources. They had to collect a range of resources outside and then sort them into groups using different criteria such as colour or size. They then had to consider whether the resource was a living thing or not.

04/11/2020 - Computing


This morning, Year 2 worked with Mr Carlton on the Scratch Jr app on the iPads. They had to create and debug programs and add different effects to their project pieces.

03/11/2020 - Design and Technology


After exploring the sense in Science, Year 2 continued looking at the sense of smell and made some scented dough. They had to measure, mix and select the correct equipment and ingredients to create the final product and add a colour and herb of their choice.

03/11/2020 - Science


This afternoon, Year 2 explored the senses we have as humans. They discussed what the senses were, which part of the body was used for each sense and then what difficulties living things face if they no longer have access to one of the senses.